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Thriving young kids at school representing expert neuropsychological evaluations at Lifestages

Accommodations for Standardized Testing

In today’s competitive higher education environment your future depends upon your test scores. In order to be considered for additional time (or other accommodations), testing agencies require a current, comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation (sometimes called a psychoeducational evaluation). 


The goal of the assessment is to enhance a child’s ability to be as successful as possible. Evaluation can also help students prepare for higher education by identifying the ways in which they learn most efficiently. 


A neuropsychological assessment is not a guarantee that you (or your child) will qualify for accommodations.  

ASSESSMENT COST  |  $4000-5000

Learn more about payment & financing.

"Friendly, patient and understanding staff!"

- Stacy

"Dr. Gourvitz explained everything very well and interacted well with my teenager."

- Jenifer

"Dr. Gourvitz is knowledgeable and professional and pleasantly direct is his communication and questioning."

- Ava


Thriving young boy in counseling representing expert neuropsychological evaluations at Lifestages


Initial Interview

During the initial interview, a thorough history taking of the individual and family is conducted.  A collection of background information and a review of current concerns are developed to determine the type of assessment to complete.  Pertinent medical records should be brought in for review. Copies of report cards, standardized tests, and other relevant records should also be brought in for review.  

Hands typing on computer representing Lifestages excellent neuropsychological testing and analysis


Testing Session

Scoring, & Analysis

The testing session is typically is done over a 2-4 day period and lasts from 4-6 hours, depending on the individual and what is needed.  There may be additional school observations where the psychologist will be in contact with school administrators to observe the student in their environment.  At times, there may be a phone conversation with primary teachers, caretakers, family members, therapists, physicians, etc. After the testing sessions are complete, time will be spent to score, compile, and interpret the raw testing data and write a detailed report with intervention and recommendation plans to best help the individual. This portion typically takes 10-15 hours to complete. 

Lovely, caring family receiving recommendations from Lifestages staff


Feedback & Recommendations

This is where the psychologist and individual (or parents of the child) come together to go through the results of the assessment.  This final step is where there will be a thorough explanation of cognitive, learning, and psychological strengths and weaknesses, the diagnosis (if any), requirements of accommodations, and how to help the individual be more successful in their environments by giving specific and individualized recommendations and a plan. A feedback session is also offered for the child.  

Students Taking Exams representing expert neuropsychological evaluations at Lifestages

Getting Started

The first step is to talk to our staff and schedule an initial interview.  Next, start compiling the required documentation using our checklist.  Please feel free to review the FAQ brochure for parents.

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