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Legal Services

Court house representing Lifestage's expert forensic neuropsychological evaluations and legal services

Legal Services

Forensic neuropsychological evaluations are similar to clinical neuropsychological evaluations, but focus on answering legal questions in context of a civil or criminal case.   They often involve determining the presence or absence of neurological and/or psychiatric disorders, causality related to a specific event or injury, documentation of the extent of functional deficits, discussion of limitations to competence or daily functioning, prognosis, medical necessity of treatment and/or disability status.  In addition, evaluation services include consulting with attorneys and other referral sources to optimally utilize evaluation information.


The neuropsychological examination may be used to assist in determining competency to stand trial, issues of responsibility for the crime, or in sentencing/mitigation in criminal litigation.  Typically forensic evaluations require more comprehensive record review as well as assessment of effort or response bias.

For password protected documents including Dr. Gourvitz's 2021/2022 Rate Schedule please contact our office.

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