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Is a Neuropsychological Testing Right for My Child?

It is discouraging and concerning when your child is struggling in school, especially when your help isn’t working.  Maybe they don’t seem to understand the material, they’re performing poorly on tests, they can’t seem to pay attention, and/or they keep getting bad reports about their behavior.  You may notice your child becoming sad, angry, or embarrassed because they can’t seem to “get it right,” even when they’re trying their best.  All of this can make it so confusing about what’s really going on.   Is it a mismatch with the teacher/class setting?  A lack of effort?  A different learning style? Or is there some other explanation altogether? If you feel like you’ve tried it all but there’s something that’s still not clicking or the behaviors are persisting, child psychological testing may be appropriate for you. 

Dr. Gourvitz offers three thorough steps to a comprehensive understanding of your child’s needs and strengths.  He provides tailored solutions and a quick turn around time.  To get started please contact us today - we are here for you and your family!

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